Scene is From One Piece Episode 839 HD – The Vinsmoke Transformation [Germa 66)
One Piece by Eiichiro Oda and Toei Animation
Disclaimer : All Rights Goes To Toei Animation

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The Whole Cake Island Arc also known as the Sanji Retrieval Arc and the Tea Party from Hell Arc, Monkey D. Luffy, accompanied by Nami, Tony Tony Chopper, Brook, and the minks Pekoms, Pedro, and Carrot, heads to Whole Cake Island, where Big Mom of the Yonko resides.

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  1. omg

  2. This would be cooler if we actually liked all of them

  3. I love transformation scenes!

  4. Dang, I didn’t think the suits were such a big deal when I was reading the manga. An anime adaptation can be pretty powerful indeed.

  5. Naotoshi Shida boiiis

  6. when i saw the last scene, I have forgotten i was watching onepiece but new anime Germa 66 xD

  7. lol, okay so the red guy I think is Sasuke’s voice actor right? Kinda funny how his theme is fire/electricity and Sasuke, well… yea

  8. Go go power rangers!

  9. Its like power rangers xdxd

  10. another sailor moon reference

  11. Sanji – Flaming Yellow

  12. 戦隊モノかよ


  14. I’m sure these guys have a Saturday morning cartoon in the One Piece universe.

  15. クッソダサくて好き

  16. Sanji nickname- pervert yellow

  17. Power Rangers Germa 66!

  18. レイジュマジ可愛い❤️

  19. こっこれは、、!!!ぷ、ぷりきゅあだ

  20. サムネ完全にイッてるやろ

  21. Reiju having a threesome

  22. ‪Naotoshi Shida is a animation god. ‬

  23. 一瞬全裸になるのも科学の力でどうにかできないの?

  24. Most epic transformation eva

  25. Why does every anime like transformation stuff like power rangers

  26. Garuda

  27. タイムレンジャー

  28. freekin powerangers