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  1. Is that the same Gerth in Hajrudin crew?

  2. It’s weird. Mother caramels voice doesn’t match her appearance at all……


    Everyone complains about Caramel’s voice but maybe that’s just her sweet-talking voice, if you read the manga you know for sure what kind of person she really is.

  4. Mother caramel didn’t age well

  5. She can’t make Ramadan!

  6. 黄色い髪の女の子かわいい

  7. i think mother caramel devil fruit eaten by bigmom after her dead

  8. カルメルは何かの能力者?

  9. 痩せてきた…

  10. 1:47 kid with two elbows scratchmen apoo

  11. How did she burn the house

  12. Isn’t the voice I expected from Carmel… I expect it more “oldy” if that’s even a word.

  13. ネタバレ


  14. Luffy’s voice changed?!?!?!?!?

  15. 嘘だろリンリン最強説

  16. Are we about to see the sun sun fruit?!?!

  17. Ohhhhhhhhh
    She did all that, when she just had 5 years

  18. So… Caramel has the fruit that Big Mom has now…
    So did Caramel die for Linlin or…
    Did Linlin kill her?

  19. 元々ソルソルの実ゎカルメルが食べてたんでしょ(^.^)

  20. I decided to read the manga and Bruh this shit was epic

  21. 1:45あたりのオレンジの服の子供なんか見覚えある

  22. 最後声ちがくね?声変わりの時期かな?

  23. Who else thought about Ramadan when you saw them talking about fasting in the episode

  24. ナレーションの声いつもと違ってない?


  25. Holy shit the Anime is so bad like shit

  26. Its weird how this anime ep comes b4 Ramadan just like the chapter…

  27. 能力者の心臓を取り込むと能力が移るのでは?勝手な憶測ですいません

  28. Me with sushi