One Piece by Eiichiro Oda and Toei Animation
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One Piece Episode 834 HD subbed
One Piece 834
ワンピースエピソード 834
One Piece 834
One Piece Episode 834ƒ
ワンピース 無料 漫画 834
ワンピース 漫画 834
ワンピース ハクバ
ワンピース ネタバレ 834 画 バレ
ワンピース ネタバレ 834
ワンピース グラディウス
ワンピース 834 話 漫画
ワンピース 834 話
ワンピース 834 画 バレ
ワンピース 834
ロビン 胡蝶 蘭
ハーフ アンド ハーフ ネタバレ
グラディウス ワンピース


  1. Flambage Shot @ 3:00

  2. THIS WAS DOPE! I love the animation of Sanji’s Flambage Shot! It was like a freakin galactic missile.

  3. Face me Big Mom pirates

  4. 100% bege will be perfect for luffy grand fleet ^^

  5. Thank god the anime is giving Sanji the feats Oda never did. That kick was beautiful

  6. They spent 90% of this episode’s budget on that kick

  7. Dat Sanji kick was glorious

  8. yeah that kick was dope

    but do you know why sanji doesnt get that “highlights” in the canon/manga? because he is a cook, he is not supossed to be as strong as luffy or others
    his whole charackter isnt design to be a warrior like zoro or luffy or jimbei etc. so its logical why he 1. doesnt get this “power up” and 2. wont reach their level

  9. That kick, that soundtrack, those words, jesus christ

  10. Bege has balls of steel

  11. The fight between Luffy and Katakuri will be epic on the anime. That’s where it’s superior. No doubt it’ll be longer too, if they show the fight as it is in the manga it’ll be too short. I bet they’ll also feature Smoothie fighting and not show her to be useless her like Oda did.

  12. Damn that Sanji kick was C L E A N

  13. Capone: We all have the right to change the future!
    So freaking OG!

  14. 3:00 that kick is 330m

  15. 3:00 that was badass

  16. Man i love bege

  17. サンジ悪魔の実食べてないのに強すぎな(笑)

  18. I repeated flambage shot scene about 100 times, daaamn its good 😀

  19. pfft when the supernovas first came out you where all fangirling over the obvious trio andgiving no love to bege, look how the tables have turned.


  21. Can someone make a gif of that kick??

  22. 漫画だとサンジダイフクにおされてたイメージあるけどアニメだと全然戦えてるな

  23. 2:40 the new soundtrack epic

  24. Sanji is one of the most underrated characters in OP rn (next to Ace, Crocodile, Hancock, Ivankov, and Lucci etc). The monster trio will never change

  25. Bege so fuckig badass

  26. Glad the anime is showing Sanji love unlike Oda

  27. Animation and sound of sanji’s kick is just perfect