One Piece by Eiichiro Oda and Toei Animation
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One Piece Episode 834 HD subbed
One Piece 834
ワンピースエピソード 834
One Piece 834
One Piece Episode 834ƒ
ワンピース 無料 漫画 834
ワンピース 漫画 834
ワンピース ハクバ
ワンピース ネタバレ 834 画 バレ
ワンピース ネタバレ 834
ワンピース グラディウス
ワンピース 834 話 漫画
ワンピース 834 話
ワンピース 834 画 バレ
ワンピース 834
ロビン 胡蝶 蘭
ハーフ アンド ハーフ ネタバレ
グラディウス ワンピース


  1. I cannot believe it took me this long to realize the color of Judge Top 5’s hair and mustache don’t match.

  2. I blame Big Mom

  3. 1:45-1:59 your breaking my heart. regardless Judge, you deserve every second of your suffering.

  4. Judge Top 5 XD

  5. You deserve it Judge, how do you like it being the one Stepped on and humiliated.

  6. How the mighty have fallen. Judge sought the cold hardness of science for power, but it never strengthened his soul.

  7. IMAO………. What a freaking coward. If you’re playing with fire then expect to die with fire. The best part is when he cries like coward that he’s.

  8. Any normal person has the right to cry in such a situation, but when your an evil man who has crushed and killed so many people you have no place crying like that.

  9. I called it, Judge crying like a coward was worth the wait! That’s why you don’t deal with pirates because they double cross.

  10. Guess Sanji and Reiju is the only human in vinsmoke family.while the other three are cold hearted killing machine.and judge is pathetic Scaredy ego maniac.

  11. Judge called Sanji worthless, a failure, and let loose his three MONSTERS (I too cannot see them as human beings, Big Sister Reiju.) on him to punish him for his “weakness”. And now, how the tables have turned. How does it feel to be caught in your most defenseless moment, unable to run away, and having the world laughing at you?
    And of course, I’m laughing until my stomach hurts at PeroSpero’s side. My (literal) “candy man” really shone in this episode with his leadership and his efficient capture of the wicked VinSmoke family.

  12. I love this scene; not only was he crying like a little bitch, but he got recorded by the world news for all of the world to see.

  13. well like father like son

  14. サンジとレイジュ以外の兄弟の感情を奪ったジャッジが悪いだろ

  15. 後ろから見るとスーパーサイヤ人3みたい

  16. lol the vinsmokes are badass

  17. BIG NEWS!!!!

  18. ペロスペローの喋り方クッソ腹立つ(笑)

  19. Perorin

  20. wow judge is really letting his tears out. now he got what he deserves and he’s about to get his brains blown out

  21. ジャッジ、それが当然の結果ってやつだよ‼︎

  22. I guess since they did not have any feeling and empathy, they just did what they can do to process the situation. Their laugh is their cry, because they did not know how to feel sad and fear, instead they laugh. Because that is what they can do then they do not any feelings. The ones who do not have feelings are considered as soulless.

  23. ここつい最近ジャンプ本誌で見た気がするんだけどやばくない?完全に追い付いてるよな

  24. To be honest, i feel bad for Judge. Every people who’s strong has at least one painful suffering ( At least i think so ). For a person who has a very high pride to cry, it would shatter their pride and soul. There’s always a reason for people to be bad and do bad things, some became bad for the sake of others, and some became bad because of their own selfishness. This is only my opinion so please no hates.

  25. ペロスペロペロペロうるせー(笑)

  26. I imagine Perospero licking Judge’s tears just like Cartman licking Scott Tenorman’s tears.

  27. When I saw Judge crying, I too burst out laughing!

  28. ビッグマム全然進んでないけどその場で足踏みしてるだけ?