The Whole Cake Island Arc Finale has left the One Piece Fandom in a Sea of Controversy regarding how the 1st Arc of the Yonko Saga was Handled! There’s still a lot of things that can happen After Wano, but some fans seem to be disappointed over a list of writing issues. I explain them to the best of my ability by using some writing tips from the Pixar.

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Whole Cake Island Arc Review
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  1. Sawyer, dont lie to us. We know you liked Cars 2.

  2. I just think that we were made to believe that Sanji was going to do something epic. That was what I was waiting for.

  3. I say the same thing of this arc like Naruto, Solid could’ve been better

  4. I liked how ppl got mad at me when I said the unresolved Whole Cake plot lines might get picked back up on Elbaf

  5. None of us doubt/doubted sanji’s culinary strength but we sure as hell doubt his combat strength. It wasn’t too much to ask for a power up, hell just have him fight someone of worth.

  6. 1. Smoothie didn’t do shit! Especially for the 3rd strongest of the BMP.

    2. Sanji honestly didn’t get a clean *W* & please don’t talk about the cake because we all knew sanji is probably the best chef in the world(maybe zeff is a competition).

    3. Power scaling! Please don’t @ me saying sanji did not need any combat feats. It would have been okay if sanji wasn’t _also_ a *combatant.* Compared to Luffy & zoro, he’s really really behind in terms of power.

  7. Keep your expectations low, and you’ll never be disappointed. -Kratos 2018

  8. If Oda removed the 30 chapters chase it would have Ben goat

  9. I have come to learn something very important after years of consuming different content:
    The more you fall in love with a game / movie / tv show / book / anime, the more you come to loath its fanbase.

  10. Whole Cake was fine until the “cake” nonsense. This dragged everything else out and had zero payoff. Made the Yonko look like a joke and forced the Luffy v Katakuri fight go on ridiculously long.

  11. Great arguments. My counter argument to the “we intended to save the vinsmokes, but left them to die later on” is that Sanji intended to save them only from the wedding. What they did with their lives after they were saved from the wedding, was up to them. They used it to try to repay the debt.

    Basically, they accomplished their goal the moment they saved the Vinsmokes from the wedding. Leaving them to die afterwards, is irrelevant because it was their decision to be a sacrifice. Their goal was different than rescuing Sanji. Rescuing Sanji included bringing him out and away from Wholecake Island. For the Vinsmokes, it was just to prevent the assassination attempt by the Big Mom family during the wedding.

    Hope this makes sense.

  12. The anime community sometimes disappoints me because they mostly watch Anime mostly for the fighting scenes and they don’t pay attention on where the story is going, and they get salty about it. -_-

  13. Haven’t watched vid, but my opinion on the matter was that it was a good direction for OP.
    Growth was made – character development, Raftel, power ups.

    Also, things with the BM pirates have now been setup for later arcs. Oda fully introduced us to the BM pirates and he can now insert them into the story later to wrap up all of Big Mom without having to explain the protagonists. This leaves room for a much more expansive plot and an arc that has much more potential then a run of the mill arc which introduces the enemies throughout the arc. I thought it was the introduction needed for the yonkos and I’m quite pleased

  14. I’d solo the whole One Piece Universe.

  15. It was an okay arc tbh

  16. Idk about you guys but I enjoyed the arc and I’m totally fine with the ending.

  17. I’m glad the arc didn’t end the way most do with most of the crew getting a 1 on 1 fight where they unleash a new power. I like that it was more of an infiltration with the Straw Hats needing to gtfo once things started escalating.

  18. This is a reminder that Ten Ten found rikudo sealing tools and still didnt do shit in the fourth great ninja war.

    Please be on your way

  19. Katakuri should’ve never lost, it was pointless to make a destroy a cake just to make another, sanji had no real combat feats, smoothie was useless, n

  20. if oda had katikuri standing still with his hands crossed for the entire 50 plus chapters it would been a 10/10

  21. Much as I have not been a fan of your content as of recent, this video was surprisingly erudite. Whole Cake Island, I genuinely enjoy. I do not love it, but this arc was what got me back into One Piece. It is very flawed but really I’m speaking as someone who hasn’t reread it in its entirety; something that I plan to do after so time has passed, like Dressrosa. Sanji’s character arc was fantastic and I appreciated the unorthodox storytelling, but it reeks of a lack of focus. Even Oda’s worst arcs, I argue had this pat down. Overall, I’m glad this arc exists. For without it, I would have dropped the series. For really, outside of My Hero Academia; I was reading this series super passively and not giving a crap. Now, I genuinely do give a crap. More than Dressrosa.

  22. Sanji DID save his family. THEY chose to stay to pay their debt. He can’t force them to go..

  23. Okay okay okay… Wait.

    First, Oda’s style does NOT follow some of the screenwriting rules from the START ! For example Oda doesn’t always writes with conflict. Tho it may be a MAJOR rule in movie writing nowadays (Pixar included) because of the format and the obligation of maintaining attention, it does not necessarily apply to Nekketsu style. At their place, there are a lot of different rules (Twist / Cliffhangers / Chapter plot / Graphic style.. )

    Therefore, you can’t make the assumption that this arc has to follow these rules to be a great Story (it does with some of it but not all, for the BETTER)

    May the story (of One piece has an all) be better with more conflict ? Maybe .. who knows. But let’s just delete worldbuilding and charaterization and it wouldn’t be Oda style anymore.

    For exemple : I like reading a little stop on Flampe or a side panel on civilians or Big Mom screaming on the back ground because it’s what i like to read since 2001 in One Piece !! It What Oda do from the Start and his way didn’t changed ! He is just writing longer arcs .. that’s all. Set-ups are here / Climax are here / Pay-Off / There are no Deus Ex machina / Trolling are here as always / So .. where are the fans ?

    YEAH, not in the story, but in the future and the analysis.

    Do you wants me to list all the “youtubers” who would have be glad to see one of the strawhats or the Sunny destroyed ?

    Now with the story …

    There are reasons behind the all mighty chase of the Cake : For exemple, Oda wanted us to FEEL the passage of time and it’s accelation at the end of it ! You can see that by the emphasis on the clock, the cutting of each panels and each chapters.

    If you “felt” for Katakuri, it’s not because of a coincidence or because Luffy did beat him. It’s because Oda WANTED us to feel for him. (empathy with his past / Flampe actions / Katakuri restraint with his adversary, etc… a lot of little things)

    And for the love of Carrot ! The Stabbing of Katakuri ISN’T a coincidence. It was a long time prepared PAY-OFF from the beginning of the fight with Katakuri’s behavior and reaffirmed at Flampe Arrival !

    Why does this victory make sence ? Because it’s also a pay-off of Katakuri character’s Arc and the WHOLE story so far ! (From a Will point of view – the ONE AND ONLY thing that made Luffy wins)

    The ONE and (from my perspective) only reasons fans are raging right know are : EXCEPTATIONS AND IMPATIENCE. If you wants me to write you a 15 pages analysis of why this arc (chase included) is awesome for a WRITING stand point, no problem, already done it in french. (sorry for my english by the way)

    Oda changed the lenght of his arcs since the Timeskip .. YES. But NEVER did he change his writing style !

    We may not like it, we may expect more.. wrongly , but we can’t say that Oda broked his story’s rules.

    You haven’t done it yet, but i’m anticipating the future here.

  24. Honestly, this arc was amazing. I don’t know why people dislike it so much. Everyone just wants to see mainly fight these days.
    Everyone is underestimating Oda so much right now lol. There’s always a reason to the things he do, we’ve been given proof of that from time to time. Did people forget how good of a writer Oda is???

    If people can’t see the beauty of this arc, they’re very linear minded.

  25. The way Whole Cake Island arc ended makes me wonder how the end of the future arcs like wano or elbaf would go down. Oda and his editor has to get their shit together

  26. *Flampe shot Luffy first.*

  27. i really don’t understand why people complains about the ”loose ends”, there’s always been those in one piece and they were always resolved in future arcs. The real problem in this arc was the editor that hyped Wano out of nowhere, so then everybody was like, ”i want Whole Cake Island to end and enter Wano now” which led to people saying there where pacing issues and other stuff.

  28. Thank God there is someone still takin’ sense on the Anime community without coming back on the author about every single thing he didnt do it for him or didnt live for his expectations !!
    i mean , have ppl actually forgotten that they read something they suppose not to have so much theory about … this exactly wt OP is .. its different , and everything have to go in certain form .
    I loved the arc , it was fun , exiting , dramatic , so much actions and wt so ever .. and ended just perfectly to set up to up coming arc to be one of the best arcs in the story ..
    Thanks Man .

  29. My biggest problem with the arc was it was really predictable after the wedding

    Katakuri was the best thing about this arc but honestly my issue was with Big Mom and Sanji.

    Like you said it was a birdcage version 2.0 and it doesn’t help when its a yonko thats chasing you. Nerfed her to east blue status.

    And the cake was hyped for no reason and chapter 900 was clickbait. I personally couldn’t care less if Sanji fought someone but atleast let him knock out big mom with the cake.

    Smh worst arc, almost as bad as long ring long island