My full manga review to One Piece Manga Chapter 894: 12:05 AM

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  1. Someone on the subreddit said that smoothie has a sponge fruit. she can wring people like sponges and she can absorb stuff

  2. So no one noticed sanji about to be a one man army, #SANJI VS EVERYBODY

  3. Wow you missed the entire part during Rayleigh flashback where he said those whose Observation Haki can sense feelings and emotions of others can reach the future sight level. That is important new detail man. That flashback also confirms that Rayleight knew or even met enemies who can see into the future in the past as well.

  4. This arc has been a roller coaster of genius!

  5. Smoothie is already a Long leg, how can she be a giant?

  6. Sanji vs Snack is coming

  7. I enjoy how the markings around Luffy’s eyes change with his forms

  8. this chapter had perfect pacing and big reveals. if the rest of the arc is half as good as these last two chapters ill be thanking god! Oda may finally be back

  9. Sanji is going to defeat everyone on that island. Including snacks, watch.

  10. Maybe Smoothie has a… and follow me on this cause it sounds stupid… has the Towel Towel fruit and is a towel person. She can wring out people like they are towels and her size could be explained that she absorbed some water or something to increase her size.

  11. Big mom is turning into mother caramel

  12. I’m so glad there is no break next week.

  13. I’m surprised you overlooked the fact that Sanji is by himself heading straight into the entire armada and the core family members of the BM pirates knowing that Sanji hasn’t had a serious fight yet, and when Oda foreshadowed that Sanji had a plan for what they will do to be able to escape from Tottoland.

    The Pudding stuff wasn’t important I agree, and it probably took your attention like it could have for others because her gag is a bit overused… but the exposition to let us know that the SH are not with Sanji again and that he ventured out first means that some shit with him is about to go down imo. Why else have them join back up, to then split and not explain the reason for it.

    Great video! Hope you read this. Also fuck the dbags that stole your things

  14. @RogersBase Attack on Titan reaction set the reaction bar pretty high. I thought they weren’t going to liqueur island anymore tho?

  15. Boa Hancock is going to swoon when she hears about this new form lmao

  16. i think the difference between kata and a logia is that katakuri has to consciously regrow things and logia just let limbs come back

  17. SANJI VS SNACK HYPE!!!!!!!

  18. I agree 894 was a good chapter but 893 was definitely better. unpopular opinion I guess XD

  19. You forgot that she is triplet.
    What do you say about her long legs.
    I think she can grow her body with her power.

  20. I don’t think Smoothie is a giant. Big Mom has mentioned before that there are no giants in Totto Land. If Smoothie were a giant, she wouldn’t be so obsessed with trying to get a family member, such as Lola, married to the giants since she would have already established a relationship with them

  21. smoothie can’t be a giant since no giant will f**k big mom…

  22. So satisfied with this chapter. So many characters introduced, Luffy vs Katakuri and, a Rayleigh flashback + a new transformation for our Gum boy. I don’t know about any of you but I have never seen Luffy’s face have that expression before when he was parrying those galactic donuts. His nostrils were flared, his eyes were popping out of his skull and his face was all bloody. Also Raisin is a dude with spiky hair and a sword not the girl with the 100 shirt. Roger doesn’t have his glasses so he couldn’t make it out. FINALLY GOT TO SEE SNACK!!!!! I know he is no longer a commander but it’s still cool. Can’t wait for snakeman. Roger I didn’t get the notification for your videos and they weren’t in my subs tab either.

  23. I could see Luffy doing a “constrictor” or “python” related move where he wraps himself around katakuri in some way restricting his movements. Also the Decuplets seem to be based off the Droogs from a Clockwork Orange

  24. Mihwak also told Zoro no drinking till you master arm. haki, like wtf? 😛

  25. But Roger, how could Smoothie be a giant if she is a longleg? A half longleg, half Big Mom… full Giant? Not to mention it would appear Citron and Cinnamon are triplets with Smoothie, and they look like regular longlegs… This was so confusing…

  26. This chapter is The BEGINNING OF THE END of WCI.

  27. Akainu vs Katakuri?? Who wins?