A Retrospect on One Piece Chapter 892 But Also Looking Forward to CH 893 & Beyond! ワンピース

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  1. How Do U think This Arc Will END?!?!


  3. honestly at this point as long as it end i’m ok with any conclusion
    you can’t deny oda has been dragging this arc for way too long
    i shudder when i think how the anime will adapt the big mom chase…it will proably take 15 ep lol

  4. reminder that sanji didn’t defeat anyone 1v1 since entering new world
    give the guy a win already oda goddamn

  5. That name for an island sounds corny

  6. Couldn’t help but stare at that Vegeta and Trunks figure throughout the whole video.

  7. Make more One Piece and Hunter X Hunter videos please i love them

  8. sanji cake gonna be so good its gonna cure big mom eating disorder. Luffy gonna be able to see the future.

  9. I believe that when reverie begins we will probably see new bounties. Also I want Sanji to have a higher bounty then zoro just this once until the aftermath of fighting kaido.

  10. Even if they don’t take out any of big moms crew truly, just the fact that they could storm into Big Moms house (literally) and escape at all will rock the world. If they can take out or at least really knock down a few of her best and escape while she pigging out on the wedding cake, the whole world will be extra rocked as well Big Moms Status as a Yonko. So I expect a few more 0s added to most of the Crew who was here on Whole Cake bounties potentially, with Luffy probably now getting the biggest bounty of the whole worst gen. .

  11. So what’s the next arc about? Plus after this arc will luffy become a yonko or whatever an own the island or what?

  12. Man I’m kinda tired of whole cake now I wanna see what’s up with my boy Zoro,Law,X Drake,and Kid

  13. One piece is great as a whole, but I hated this arc.

  14. It will end with luffy getting the shit beaten out him and bege dies… And sanji will have a three some with pudding and nami.

  15. This arc was horrible.
    Oda needs to step his pen game up.
    One piece is so boring, talk no jutsu all day.

  16. I have to say I’m really bored by this arc! Dresrossa was long but at least it had plenty of fights , plot twists,bad ass back story (better then Sanjis), world altering revelation,etc.This arc got non of that. Plus i hate this cake spin Oda done here. Panels with all does bad ass pirates chasing cake just looks stupid

  17. And let reverie begin

  18. Reverie Arc HYPEEEEEEE!!!!!!

  19. With bullshit padding

  20. Damn one piece has been on for about 20 years and we still don’t know how conquerors haki is actually good. It just knocks weakling out that any decent person can do, even brook can knock those weaklings out with his new powers. And strong people can just destroy the weaklings with one attack. So what the fuck is so special about conquerors haki?

    That and many other things since early episodes haven’t been revealed. It feels like one piece has about 20 more years left, if it took this arc about a year to end then how much it will take to end all of the yonkos and marines as well as finding one piece and maybe luffy following what Roger didn’t finish. It sounds like a lot and oda likes to build things up and do things right so it sounds like way too much time.

  21. The thing is when Luffy leaves that mirror he’s gonna be so weak fodder will be able to finish him

  22. Besides this fight, which was harder for Luffy? His fight with Doffy or his fight with lucci?

  23. Is “plot armor” popular or wut

  24. Theres only one way this could possibly end. I see it this way, Luffy and Friends can only get out this situation if they some how be friend big mom or make a treaty. Because there is no other means of escape. even if luffy some how defeats Katakuri. He will still be surrounded once he comes out the mirror. So there is no escape for him. Sanji is being chased by Smoothie. But even if they manage to sneak on Coco Island they will still have no way of getting luffy without being caught. unless the germa army comes and help them fight the whole big mom army who is surrounding the mirror. even still that won’t be enough. so i can only imagine This, Big mom eating the cake and She enjoys it so much that she Decides to let the strawhats live only if sanji cooks for her from time to time. and The news of the treaty will out way the news of the strawhats invading and destroying big mom castle.

  25. Arc has been shit with all the plot armor coating the strawhats.
    Chopper holding off against Big Mom? Katakuri struggling to defeat Luffy?

  26. 894? Mate, the chapter is 892

  27. One piece is the greatest manga ever period no competition.

  28. Capone is planing to blown BM up on liquor island!