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One Piece Episode 820
One Piece Episode 820 English Subbed
One Piece Episode 820 HD subbed
One Piece Capitulo 820
ワンピース 820


  1. *Obviously this isn’t only footage from 820, it’s just a little something before the full thing comes out next week, so enjoy*

  2. Number 1 anime ver “BALLS OF STEEL” goes too

  3. Please Support My Second Channel, Karatekid Gaming, it’s the one with 900 something subscribers

  4. lol bigmom cant take the soul of brook because brooks is already dead

  5. 1

  6. Wtf in the manga they said that brook cannot be damaged by lighting attacks and yet here …. toei wtf ?

  7. Brook might be able to beat Big Mom when he drinks so milk!! His version of Armament Haki!! YOHOHOHO!!

  8. The shocks in this scene makes what happened in most recent chapter more non consistent.

  9. Brook is so underrated omg he has amazing abilities thats overlooked alot

  10. Dark souls

  11. brook is good thoi

  12. Were is the episode ?

  13. i wish brook said this to big mom “Pants Misete kudasai”

  14. tae

  15. Thank you for putting the whole fight together this was awesome

  16. Brook never die

  17. Outro song? Its so catchy, i Love it xD

  18. Where is the full episode of 820?


  20. I like,voice of big mom

  21. wow brook is too strong , all his strength , but we know MAMA is too powerful his not getting damm serious , if she get mad , brook is totally dead man times 100xxxx00xxx

  22. I

  23. Brook for MVP

  24. Like anyone who wants Brock to kill that fat bitch

  25. brook vs bigmom ! trong trận này brook có 10 phần trăm thua

  26. Since brook is the soul king shouldnt over power big mom like i wanted to see brook do more damage