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Hey guys,
Here is my guitar arrangement of the 20th One Piece Opening theme!

And as always, enjoy!

Song Title: Hope
Original Artist: Namie Amuro (安室奈美恵)

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  1. *Note: I’ll be back with regular piano content tomorrow / this weekend so don’t worry!*

    Hey guys,
    I needed a change of pace (from making piano covers every other day xD) so I decided to pick up my guitar again. Earlier this year, I got a new guitar so I decided to record with it this year. I arranged this by ear (and tbh it’s not really an accurate arrangement, more of an improvisation), but I hope you enjoy my 2017, once a year, fingerstyle cover!!

  2. Never seen a piano like that before. You play it well.

  3. fav one piece op for me. absolutely love it bro

  4. Trying to get girls eh
    Nice piano arr. 😉

  5. Sounding awesome dude, nice one!

  6. Nice cover!
    What guitar is that?

  7. I think you should do more guitar covers. I think it’s a good idea to have covers with the piano and a guitar. Great cover!

  8. 外国の人が日本のアニメの曲を弾いてくれるってむっちゃ嬉しい

  9. Faz mais de Violão!

  10. Oh shit, guitar x)

  11. Well done!

  12. Good work bro

  13. Ayeeeee

  14. Oh and you can play guitar too… FeelsBadMan